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Venhill 600A universal cable kit without the 600A. The cable must be cut to length and appropriate fittings used to complete the cable.
Supplied with a range of fittings for converting existing throttle cables and twistgrip to 600A.
BN608 is soldered onto one end of inner wire to fit into 600A twist grip rotors.

Kit Contains:
1.3m X LB1TS, 1.3m X R77/1 + BN608, 1X BNS575, 3 X BN608, 1 X BN575/55,
1 X A6100/25, 2 X LN6100, 1 X A8125/25, 2 X LN8125, 1 X M5931, 1 X F2B.
1 X F1, 1 X F89B, 1 X FB22W. 1 X ATB675 1 X M6902B 1 X EE7
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Genuine high quality Venhill throttle cable including galvanised steel inner wire for easy soldering and PFTE (Teflon) liner for super low friction smooth operation.



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