Despite ongoing disruption, we are open in accordance with government guidance.
Our website will continue to function, however we ask customers not to visit our premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Sales Related Questions

What are your opening hours?
Are coloured cables, clutch and brake lines more expensive?
Is VAT applicable to Venhill Products?
What are your shipping costs / delivery times?
What should I do if I want to return a product for a refund?
Where can I see the Quality Policy?

General Technical Questions

My part is not listed, what should I do?
I want to fit a Magura Hydraulic Clutch conversion to my bike, how do i find out which one will fit?
Can you make 'one off' specials or 'batch' of special control lines?
Can I request cables / hoses with different lengths than the original ones?
How can I make sure I fit and set up my new cable / hose kit properly

Questions about Hoses

What is the difference between 'Powerhose' and 'Powerhose plus'?
What is the difference between Standard, Crossover and Race front brake lines?
Why should I fit braided hoses?
What is TUV approval and are your brake and clutch lines TUV approved?
Are your brake and clutch lines DOT approves?
Do you factory test every brake and clutch line that you make?
Where should I use my copper washers?
Is Stainless Steel preferable to Chrome plated Carbon steel?
My hose is leaking after installation and bleeding, it must be faulty?

Questions about Cables

What are 'Featherlight' cables?
Do I need to lubricate Venhill's Featherlight control cables?
What is Bird-caging?
What is the best method for soldering on my nipples?
What type of Solder and Flux do you recommend to complete my cable kits?