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About Us

Control cables and hydraulic lines form vital links between man and machine; directly transmitting instructions to components at all speeds and in all conditions. Despite this, most people rarely give them a moment’s thought.

At Venhill, we give cables and hoses much more than a moment’s thought, in fact we’ve been developing and manufacturing cables and hoses in the UK for 50 years. We make pattern cables and hydraulic lines for modern and classic and motorbikes (both on and off-road), quads, cars and karts, alongside control cables for industrial applications. It’s what we do.


Our goal is to combat common cable problems like catching, wear, stretching and also bowing, stretching, bursting, leaking and other issues found with hydraulic hoses. We aim to ensure all our products perform better, for longer.


Venhill hoses and cables are the choice of many motorcycle racers, from club level to world champions in motocross and speedway, and we ship our products to customers all over the world. 

Latest News

  • Expert Advice: Throttle Cable Adjustment

    April 12, 2021
    Want your bike to feel more responsive and ride smoothly? Before you fiddle with anything else, make sure your throttle is set right. Phil Turner explains how to properly adjust and set free play, and why. 
  • New Managing Director at Venhill

    April 06, 2021
    Simon Kennedy has joined Venhill Engineering as Managing Director, taking over from Max and Lisa Adams, who have run the business for the past 20 years.
  • Featherlight throttle for V-Strom 650

    March 02, 2021
    British control cable manufacturer, Venhill, is expanding its range of replacement lines for modern road bikes, in response to demand from customers in the UK and Europe.
  • How to Change Motorbike Cables

    January 29, 2021
    The humble throttle, brake and clutch cables are vital components for a motorbike. Without them, you simply could not ride your bike. So, when these cables become worn, damaged and frayed, it is important you change...
  • Best Motorcycle Apps for Serious Riders

    January 05, 2021
    With a whopping 1.85 million different apps available for Apple in addition to the 2.56 million on Android, according to ‘Business of Apps’ 2020, whatever your needs, hobbies, interests or passions are,...