Teams & Riders

Venhill controls have been tested in the motorsport world for the past 50 years. We have a simple policy, we don’t pay teams or their riders to use our products. Instead we supply the control cables, brake lines and associated products (like fast action throttles) that they need. We know that when riders choose Venhill, they're choosing us because we’re the best, not because they've been paid to do so. Keep up to date with the latest race news on the official Venhill Facebook page

  • MX GP

    JM Honda Racing

    Owned and managed by 1993 MX500 World Champion Jacky Martens, JM Honda Racing competes in the MXGP class and also the MX2 world championship series.
    • Brent van Doninck 32
    • Camden McLellan 122
  • UK Motorcycle Endurance Racing

    Daniel North

    Riding a Honda CB500 in No Limits Racing, the UK’s only National Endurance Championship
    • Daniel North 39
  • British Enduro Championship

    Yamaha Offroad Experience Enduro

    Competing in the British Enduro and Sprint Enduro Championships, Welsh Sprint and Two Day Enduro, selected rounds of the European Championship and British round of the Enduro GP in Wales

    • Charlie Chater 14
    • Aaron Gordon 5