About us

For 50 years Venhill has been manufacturing control cables, hydraulic hoses and brake lines for Motorbikes, Quad Bikes, Cars, Karts and many other applications. Our hoses and cables are made in the UK to the highest possible standard.

Who We Are

Control cables and hydraulic lines form vital links between man and machine; directly transmitting instructions to components at all speeds and in all conditions. Despite this, most people rarely give them a moment’s thought.

At Venhill, we give cables and hoses much more than a moment’s thought, in fact we’ve been developing and manufacturing cables and hoses for almost 50 years. We make pattern cables and hydraulic lines for modern, classic and vintage motorbikes (both on and off-road), quads, cars and karts, alongside many others for wide range of domestic and industrial applications. It’s what we do.

Who We Are

What's Our Goal

Our goal is to combat common cable problems like catching, wear, stretching and also bowing, stretching, bursting, leaking and other issues found with hydraulic hoses. We aim to ensure all our products perform better, for longer.

To achieve this, we are committed to using the highest quality materials in all our products and we make safety and reliability testing an absolute priority. Every brake line that leaves our workshops is tested to a pressure of 1500psi, and every 30 days we also test lines at random to 10,000psi – to put this into context, most motorcycle and car brakes systems operate at around 25-30psi, even under hard braking.

What's Our Goal

Celebrating 50 Years

  • 1968
    The Birth of an Idea
    Chris Ventress, an avid motorcross rider, was tired of the cables for his bike always breaking and endeavoured to produce his own from his garage.
  • 1969
    An Engineering Partnership
    Chis Ventress, following the popularity of his home-made cables, partners will friend Colin Hill to start Venhill
  • 1970
    Venhill Founded
    Venhill established as a Limited Company, becoming Venhill Engineering LTD
  • 2017
    Taking the Tarmac
    Venhill begins expansion of it's road bike cable catalogue, with coverage of many popular vehicles becoming available.
2021 +

If you’re looking for something special, we also manufacture custom brake and clutch lines to your specification. So, if you’re building a custom bike, going racing or would like to upgrade your existing line with something a little different, try our custom line builder.

Custom Line Builder