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  1. Best Off-Road Motorcycles for Beginners

    November 30, 2021
    Jumping into the world of dirt biking can be equal parts daunting and exhilarating. You’re itching to get out there and execute the kind of gnarly jumps you’ve seen the pros perform on the track. But where...
  2. Christmas treats for your motorcycle

    November 16, 2021
    Show your motorcycle just how much you love it this Christmas, by giving it a fresh set of control cables and/or hydraulic hoses.
  3. How to Change Car Clutch Cables

    October 29, 2021
    Throttle cables and gear change cables - clutch cables - are vital components for any vehicle, not least a car. Without them, you simply could not drive! Over time, cables become worn, damaged and frayed, and it is...
  4. Venhill brake upgrade for R1M

    October 28, 2021
    Venhill now offer complete Powerhose Plus braided brake line kits fortheYamahaR1M,offering owners of the track-focussed superbike a high performance upgrade to the factory-fitted brake lines.
  5. Venhill Expert Advice: Using the rear brake

    October 21, 2021
    No one pays much attention to their back brake anymore - just grab the front lever and let the IMU-controlled, digitally-linked corning ABS sort it all out - but they’re missing a trick: embrace the rear brake again...
  6. Essential Clothing for all Off-Road Motorcyclists

    October 19, 2021
    When it comes to off-road motorcycling, equipping yourself with the right kit is of fundamental importance. While its expense may not be as significant as the bike itself, quality gear is the cornerstone of rider...
  7. Clutch Cables – A Beginner’s Guide to Clutch Cables

    September 30, 2021
    Those of us who have driven a motorbike or car know that we drive not only for practical reasons, but also seek performance. In order to improve the performance of a motorbike, car and other vehicles, as well as for...
  8. Replacement Harley-Davidson Street Cables

    September 29, 2021
    Replacement Venhill Featherlight Clutch Cables are now available for Harley-Davidson Street and Street Rod models - offering owners the option to upgrade and improve the two models for limited outlay.
  9. Essential Equipment & Machinery for Lawn Maintenance

    September 14, 2021
    The characteristic, closely cut English lawn was born in the 17th century. Having a lawn demonstrated your wealth, because you could afford to keep land without using it for food production. These days, lawns remain...
  10. Top 6 Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips

    August 27, 2021
    If you look after your mobility scooter, then it’ll look after you. Mobility scooters provide a lifeline for lots of people across the world, so it’s important to keep them in tip-top shape. While any heavy...
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