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In 1898 James Lansdowne Norton founded Norton as a manufacturer of ‘fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade.’ Success in the very first Isle of Man TT race, followed by wins at Brooklands and other European events, helped cement Norton's reputation as a builder of serious road and race bikes.

Today, Venhill specialisein replacement and upgrade stainless steel braided brake and clutch lines, as well as PTFE-lined brake, clutch and throttle cables for classic Norton motorcycles. 

Classic Norton motorcycles

By the mid 1930s Norton was producing over 4,000 road bikes a year. Between the wars Norton won the Isle of Man Senior TT race ten times and, during the 1930s, won 78 out of 92 Grand Prix races.

From 1937 to 1945 Norton manufactured almost 100,000 sidevalve motorcycles (roughly a quarter of all military motorcycles) for the war effort. 

1949 saw the introduction of the twin cylinder Dominator, whilst in 1950 the Featherbed frame was introduced. Lightweight but strong, it was fitted to the Manx Nortons to help negotiate the turns of the Isle of Man track, improving the bikes' handling and contributing to further race success.

The 1967 Earls Court motor show heralded the introduction of the Commando, soon to feature the engine unit 'isolastically' insulated from the frame for a smooth, vibration-free ride. In the next decade over 500,000 were produced and sold.

Japanese models saw Norton, alongside other great British marques, driven to extinction. The last Commando was produced in 1976

The brand was relaunched in Lichfield in 1988 and in 1989 Norton made an emphatic return to racing when Steve Spray won the British Superbike Championship on the all-black JPS bike.

In 1992 Steve Hislop, on an ABUS Norton, defeated Carl Fogarty, riding a Yamaha, to win the Isle of Man Senior TT, recording the first victory for a British bike for almost 30 years.

In late 2008, Stuart Garner, a UK businessman, bought the rights to Norton from some US concerns and relaunched Norton in its Midlands home at Donington Park where it was to develop the 961cc Norton Commando. TVS Motor Company announced the successful acquisition of Norton in 2020.

Venhill control cables and hoses for Norton Motorcycles

Venhill manufactures replacement throttle cables, clutch cables and hydraulic braided brake hoses in their UK factory, all specifically designed for Nortons of all models. We also offer a range of coloured hoses and cables, and a fully bespoke cable and hose service for Norton owners with special requirements. 

All Venhill products offer improved safety, performance and durability compared to OE parts. Most are designed to be a straight swap - so no modifications are needed to fit. We’ve been making parts for Nortons since the 1970s, and have expert input from both road and race teams too, so you know you’re getting the highest quality product. 

Whether you’re looking for a front brake cable for your Dominator 88, a speedo cable to fit an Atlas, or a set of braided brake lines for your Commando,  click here to use the online Part Finder and locate what you need. Should the part you’re seeking not be available, click here to find out about Venhill's bespoke service.

Norton Motorcycle Tools and Accessories – Clutch Cables, Hydraulic Lines and more

Braided Brake Lines for Norton

All of our stainless steel braided motorcycle brake hoses provide strength and flexibility for improved performance. They’re made in our UK factory to fit most popular Norton hydraulic brake systems and help to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of your motorcycle brake system.

Norton- Clutch, Choke and Throttle Cables

Venhill offers a wide range of clutch, choke and throttle cables, all made in the UK to our high-quality Featherlight specification - marine grade stainless steel inner wire and PTFE (‘teflon’) liners for low friction, smooth operation.

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