Victory Motorcycles

Victory made mighty American V-twin motorcycles from 1998-2017, eventually morphing into Indian Motorcycles. 

Venhill has taken a look at the features which make Victory motorcycles such a popular choice among riders seeking something a bit different from other big brands and has expanded the range to further encourage the modification that has made these American cruisers such a staple of the custom builders’ workshops. 

Victory Motorcycle Parts UK

Venhill are specialists in replacement and upgrade stainless steel braided brake and clutch lines as well as brake, clutch and throttle cables for Victory motorcycles. 

American brand Victory Motorcycles was founded by Polaris - manufacturers of snowmobiles, ATVs, side-by-side off-road vehicles, electric vehicles and personal watercraft - in the 1990s.   

Seeking to diversify its product line, Polaris decided to produce a large motorcycle built entirely in the United States to compete with established brands like Harley-Davidson.

Victory's first model - the V92C - had a 92 cubic-inch (1,507cc) counterbalanced, fuel-injected V-twin engine. On its debut in 1998, the V92C became the largest displacement engine offered in the cruiser market. 

Over the next few years, Victory developed and expanded its range of machines, yet sticking to the large capacity, V-twin engined ‘cruiser’ configuration. Models included the Hammer, the Jackpot, the Kingpin and the Vegas.

Among Victory’s most notable models were the Vision Street and Vision Tour. Both were full touring models and featured unusually shaped bodywork, fixed hard luggage and electronic rider aids.  

In 2017, Polaris announced the Victory brand was to be discontinued, citing difficulties in establishing market share and limited profitability. 

Venhill manufactures a huge range of replacement throttle cables, clutch cables and hydraulic braided brake hoses in their UK factory, all specifically designed for Victory motorcycles of all models and ages. We also offer a range of coloured hoses and cables, and a fully bespoke cable and hose service for Victory owners with special requirements. 

All Venhill products offer improved safety, performance and durability compared to OE parts. Most are designed to be a straight swap - no modifications are required to fit. 

You can browse our extensive catalogue of Victory cable and hoses, fittings, components and accessories using the online Part Finder HERE. Should you not find what you seek, Venhill also offers a bespoke service HERE.

Victory Motorcycle Tools and Accessories – Clutch Cables, Hydraulic Lines and more

Braided Brake Lines for Victory

All of our stainless steel braided motorcycle brake hoses provide strength and flexibility for improved performance. They’re made in our UK factory to fit most Victory hydraulic brake systems and help to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of your motorcycle brake system.

Victory - Clutch, Choke and Throttle Cables

Venhill offers a wide range of clutch, choke and throttle cables, all made in the UK to our high-quality Featherlight specification - marine grade stainless steel inner wire and PTFE (‘teflon’) liners for low friction, smooth operation.

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You can browse our extensive catalogue of cable, hoses, fittings, components and accessories using the online Part Finder. Should you not find what you seek, Venhill also offers a bespoke service.
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Our Line Builder tool allows for quick and easy creation of bespoke hydraulic lines. Using our Powerhose Plus brake line system, designed to cut out the hassle and uncertainty associated with DIY self-assembly hoses.
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