Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Fairing

Motorcycle fairing is broad term used to describe protective paneling that wraps around the frame of a bike. This paneling is usually made from hard plastic, fiberglass or aluminum. It is common with racing and sports bikes, as fairing can help improve the aerodynamics of the bike by reducing air drag. This improves fuel consumption and allows for higher speeds at lower engine rpm. Fairing also adds protection for the rider against motorbike components in the event of a crash or accident. It can also create additional features for a bike, such as a windshield.  

Fairing comes in all sorts of shapes and designs, sometimes attaching to specific parts of a bike, such as front fairing, or it can be more encompassing and enclose the entire bike.

Bikes can sometimes be shipped with fairing on them to begin with, but if your bike didn’t come with any, you can buy fairing to add to your existing bike too. Fairing can also be customised in terms of fittings and design.

In this article, we outline the different types of fairing and the benefits it offers.

Types of Fairing

As many manufacturers will offer bespoke fairing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to types and designs. Nevertheless, there are a few common types that most bikes tend to include:

  • Quarter – Quarter fairing extends around the headlamp of the bike and provides targeted protection for the rider. This is a common feature for standard motorcycles these days. It’s quite a minimal form of fairing compared to half and full.
  • Half – Half fairing covers the upper area of the front of the bike. This will provide most of the benefits of full fairing but allows the lower part of the bike to stay exposed, which some riders prefer. The upper fairing provides the benefits of improved aerodynamics.
  • Full – Full fairing is the most encompassing type of fairing, providing protection for the upper and lower parts of the bike.
  • Handlebar – Handlebar fairing creates a mini barrier behind the handlebars. This can be useful for those riding with GPS or mobiles mounted onto the handlebars. The fairing provides additional protection for these devices as well as making it easier to use accessories in windy conditions.
  • Wheel – Front and Rear fairing can be attached to extend over the front or rear wheel. This can help avoid dirt splashing up. For off-road racing or riding, this can help stop excessive dirt and debris reaching the rider.

Benefits of Fairing

Improved Performance

Fairing is very common on sports and racing bikes due to the improved performance it offers. By being more aerodynamic, the bike is able to accelerate faster. In racing, this makes all the difference as riders can reach higher speeds quicker. This creates obvious advantages in any racing conditions, particularly in harsher weather conditions.

Being more shielded from the wind also means the bike is more stable. In racing conditions, this is a big bonus and reduces the risk of accidents caused by instability.


By deflecting the wind, fairing can create a much more enjoyable and comfortable ride. Helmet noise is reduced and the overall impact of wind hitting you and the bike at high speeds is greatly reduced. This is useful in all sorts of situations, from adventurous riding in windy conditions, to high-speed racing. In cold conditions, deflecting that cold air can make all the difference and avoid you feeling bitterly cold for the whole journey.

Fairing can also create added comfort by encouraging better posture. Bespoke fairing can provide the perfect placing for your legs.


If you like to customise your bike, then fairing provides a big blank canvas ready to design. There are many services that offer custom graphics and illustrations for motorbike fairing. This can add personality and character to your bike.

If you are getting the fairing custom made, then you can also request specific features within the paneling to create the ultimate bike for your specific requirements.


Fairing helps protect the engine and inner workings of a motorcycle. Particularly in the event of an accident, fairing can help provide protection for the rider and the core elements of a bike.

Engine Lifespan

The improved aerodynamics means that the engine doesn’t need to work as hard. This results in a longer lifespan and improved overall performance. As the engine is directly responsible for performance, maintaining it is worthwhile, particularly for those on a budget that want to avoid the costs associated with worn out engines.


Adding GPS, mobiles and other accessories to the cockpit area has become a popular choice for many riders. From tracking performance to navigating unknown routes, these features have quickly become a must have.

Without adequate fairing on the front of a bike, these features may struggle to function. Fairing helps shield these devices, which also allows a rider to use them with ease.


Fairing can undoubtedly add the wow factor to a bike. It can create beautiful aesthetics, whilst also having the potential to add value to the bike.

Fairing can also be re-finished to instantly make an old, tired motorcycle look factory new.

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