How to Make Your Dirt Bike Look Better

There are many things that riders value in a good dirt bike - be it its horsepower, suspension, or fuel capacity - but we all know that one of the most important factors is who looks the coolest. When you’re executing a gnarly jump out there on the track, you don’t want it to be on a bike that looks like it could be any bike. You want it to be on one that could only be yours.

A bike that reflects your personality can reignite your passion for riding. Like anything, your bike will lose the sheen with which you bought it through use. Sometimes, the passion leaves with the sheen. A full makeover of your baby can be just what the both of you need. These days there are a plethora of ways to customise your ride - right down to the tiniest detail. Today, our team are here to break down all the ways you can make your bike look exactly how you imagined it growing up.


One of the coolest features of dirt bikes is the variety of tyres you can utilise for optimal performance. Rather than simply reordering the same tyres that came with your bike when you bought it, you can try out a range of specialised tyres to suit your particular needs. Trying out different kinds of tyres can be one of the most exciting changes you can make to your bike.

Generally, there are three types of popular tyres for dirt bike riders: hard terrain, soft terrain, and intermediate terrain. If you’re out riding off-road, you probably don’t want tyres that are designed for motocross - and vice versa. Have a think about where you will be riding and buy accordingly.

Graphics & Plastics

Perhaps the most striking way you can customise your ride is with graphics and plastics, of which there are an innumerable number of fun options. With graphics or frame stickers, you can add character to your bike in the form of your preferred colour schemes, favourite brands, favourite racers, or your own sponsors. The stickers designed to outfit dirt bikes are specially made to resist the wear and tear that comes with riding. Eventually, of course, you will have to think about replacing them, but this can be one of the most fun ways to personalise your ride. Freshening up old graphics that are faded or peeling off can help you fall back in love with your bike and give you a renewed desire to ride it.

As for plastics, you can go one step further by changing the whole exterior of your bike. It will still be the same machine underneath, and your performance won’t be affected, but the shapes, colours, and contours will be moulded into the look you want. This is a great option for those with older bikes that they want to make look young again. Bike manufacturers will offer their own plastic kits, as well as restyle kits to give older bikes the appearance of newer models. Or, you can choose to get plastics from elsewhere, if you fancy something other than the colours your manufacturer provides for your model. For example, going all-black is a popular choice.

Aside from aesthetics, plastics can also offer your ride some added protection. Consider getting a plastic cover for your front rotor to prevent sticks and other debris from interfering with your braking system. Frame guards are another popular choice with riders, as they protect the sides from getting damaged by your boots.

Vapour Honing

Vapour Honing (also known as Vapour Blasting) is a process by which a fine powder suspended in vapourised water is applied to a surface. It works much the same way as sandblasting, only its soft finish doesn’t leave any damage or alterations to the target. This cleans the surface much more effectively, with the flow of the vapourised water, rather than the impact, doing the cleaning.

Naturally, dirt bikes accumulate a lot of dust, grease, sludge, and other residue through use (to say nothing of rust and dents). That’s fine - dirt bikes are meant to be used in rough conditions. But at some point, you’ll want to do a clean. You will find that Vapour Honing your engine will not only leave it looking more polished and shinier than it was when it was new, but that the surface will now actually be more damage resistant as a result of the process.

Seat Covers

Over time, your seat will start to deteriorate, affecting both performance and comfort. Thankfully, there are some really great seat covers out there that can make a world of difference to your riding experience. Some are wider, some are taller, and all are designed to accommodate the different needs that riders have. Aside from improving your sense of comfort, seat covers can also be another fun way to customise your bike, coming in different colours and shapes that will surely catch the eye.

Stylish & Safe Brake Lines with Venhill

When it comes to outfitting your ride with some brake lines, as well as clutch and throttle cables that are as stylish as they are reliable, look no further than Venhill. We specialise in manufacturing the cables and hoses that connect man to machine, and like any other part of your bike, these can be customised too.

One of our most popular products with riders are the coloured brake and clutch lines, which you can match or contrast with the colour of your bike as you see fit. Whether you want multi-coloured lines or all-black lines to blend into your all-black plastics, our diverse stock can accommodate you and help complete your bike’s look!

For more information on our industry-leading control cables, hydraulic hoses, and brake lines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff today.