Replacement Harley-Davidson Street Cables

Made to a higher specification than factory-fitted items, Venhill Featherlight Cables are designed to deliver improved performance and durability along with smoother and lighter action on the Harley-Davidson Street and Street Rod models - a bonus for heavy cruiser clutches.

The cables feature our high quality marine-grade stainless steel inner wire to eliminate stretch and a PTFE ‘teflon’ liner for minimum friction and a lighter action. The liner also removes the need for heavy lubrication.

Each cable is ‘Bird-caged’: a special process applied to the end of the inner wire, which allows solder to penetrate the weave of the cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger. This adds extra strength and durability, and helps reduce the risk of cable breakage.

The PTFE lined outer conduit is a two part construction, consisting of conventional spiral wound steel with longitudinal stands overlayed, which is then covered with a hardened PA6 Nylon jacket to keep moisture and corrosion out and protect the inner; this provides an exceedingly strong conduit and ensures all of the lever force is delivered directly to where it is needed. 

The new cables also feature a glass fibre thermal protection sleeve, which protects the cable as it is routed around the engine and other hot parts of the bike.

The cables are available as stock size, or at a custom length to an addition more or less than the original size.

Replacement Harley-Davidson Street Cable

H06-3-100 fits the XG 750A STREET ROD (Non-ABS) 2017-2020 and the XG 750A STREET ROD (ABS) 2017-2020 and can be found here: 

H06-3-101 is suitable for the STREET XG 500 (Non-ABS) 2015-2020, STREET XG 500 (ABS) 2017-2020, STREET XG 750 (Non-ABS) 2015-2020 and STREET XG 750 (ABS) 2017-2020 and can be viewed here: