Smoother throttle for ZZR1400

Venhill now produce replacement pattern Featherlight Throttle Cables for Kawasaki’s muscular sports touring ZZR1400.

Available for the 2006-2015 ‘standard’ and ABS models, the new cables are almost identical to the factory-fitted items in appearance, but are made here in the UK to a higher standard , for a smoother throttle action and improved durability, so they work better for longer.

Each set features Venhill's high quality Featherlight cabling, which includes stainless steel inner wire, for minimum stretch, running through a teflon liner, for reduced friction and a lighter action. It also removes the need for lubrication.

The cables are ‘Bird-caged' – a special process applied to the end of the inner wire, which allows solder to penetrate the weave of the cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger. This process adds extra strength and durability, and helps reducing cable breakage when put under repeated stress and pressure – adding real peace of mind when riding longer distances.

The new cables  are available in a choice of coloured outers for riders who want to personalise their machine.

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