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General Downloads
Cable Installation Recommendations
The following recommendations are given as guide to you help install and setup your cables and make sure you get the best from Venhill products.
Venhill 2021 Product Catalogue
Venhill's 2021 product catalogue, featuring all new cables and hoses for our ever expanding range!
Road Bike Brake & Clutch Hose Kits
Want to see what we offer for road bikes but don't want to see the entire catalogue? This download will show you what we offer in terms of Hose Kits for your road bike.
Off Road Catalogue
Want to see what we offer for Off Road bikes but don't want to see the entire catalogue? This download will show you exactly what we currently offer for your Off Road bikes.
Become a Venhill Reseller
If you are in the Motorcycle trade and wish to resell Venhill products, please fill in the details as requested in the account application form.
Venhill Powerhose Plus Information
This download will give you all the information you need with regards to the Venhill Powerhose Plus system.
TUV Certificate
2020 TUV Certification
Bespoke Queries
Cable Measurement Guide
Cable measurements instructions
MAGURA Downloads
2020 Magura Catalogue
Click here to download the latest 2020 Magura Powersports Catalogue.
Magura HC1, HC3 & HYMEC Fitment List
This download contains all the fitment information for the HC1 & HC3 Master Cylinders and the HYMEC Clutch Conversions
Build your own Magura HYMEC Clutch Conversion
Can't find a HYMEC for your specific bike? This download will help you in choosing the items most suitable for your needs.