Automotive cables

Car and Van Cables, Kit cars, Classic Cars, Race cars

Venhill supply a number of specialist automotive companies with control cables for a variety of application, including: Car throttle cables, Clutch cables, Hand brake cables, Gear change cables, Seat cables, Pedal box cables, Steering column cables, Bonnet release cables, Fuel cut off cables.

Car throttle cables

Venhill’s Featherlight throttle cables are ideal for automotive applications. Car throttle cables are often routed near very hot engine components. The Venhill Featherlight PTFE lined cables resist the high temperatures, giving a super smooth, maintenance free, throttle application. In addition to finished cables we offer a range of throttle cable kits for workshop and home fitting. For special and show car applications we can supply coloured throttle cables and braided stainless steel throttle cable.

Car clutch cables

We make clutch cables for mainstream manufacturers and specialist builder. We find that for many older cars it is no longer possible to get the original cable as a spare. We can normally help by re-using any specialist fittings on the new cable.

Hand brake cables

In addition to volume production requirements, we make special cables to your particular design. Handbrake cables are also available in kit form, enabling easy finishing on the vehicle. We supply a range of customers from classic Ferrari workshops to individual restorers.

Gear change cables

We have a stock of gear change cable from 1m to 3m in length. Each end has a 6mm threaded rod, suitable for a range of stocked end fittings, including: Rose joints, Ball joints, Clevises and eye ends. Alternative cable lengths and travel can be made to order.

Line Builder
Our Line Builder tool allows for quick and easy creation of bespoke hydraulic lines. Using our Powerhose Plus brake line system, designed to cut out the hassle and uncertainty associated with DIY self-assembly hoses.
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