Industrial Control Cables

Venhill started out making high quality replacement cables for motocross bikes in 1970 and since then has expanded into production of industrial control cables (sometimes referred to as bowden cables or linkage cables).

With nearly 50 years' experience in cable manufacture, Venhill can produce cables to suit most specifications and requirements, for applications including stairlifts, lawnmowers, mobility scooters and walk-behind machinery.

Our UK factory is ISO 9001 certified so quality is assured and gives us the flexibility to produce short run and even bespoke one-off cables.

Special , prototype and volume production control cables

We produce a range of Bowden control cables for many different commercial and industrial sectors. In particular, Walk Behind Equipment, Automotive Controls, Mobility Equipment, and Lawn Care machinery. Should you initially need a prototype cable we can develop this with you before moving into volume production. Quantities can be from one off cables to many thousands per month. Venhill has ISO 9001-2015 accreditation, to ensure systems and production are efficiently controlled.

Should you have a special requirement for industrial plant or development equipment we are happy to make cables to your requirements. We have provided control cables for a variety of application from Zoo gate controls to film studio props. We can normally help.

Venhill Bowden Control Cables use the highest quality material for longevity and smooth efficient operation. Our control cable conduit is typically lined using a PTFE liner for super smooth operation. With PTFE’s high melting point, it is ideal for hot environments. This avoids stiction often experienced with standard control cables. Inner wire will be selected according to the application. Wire Strand is used for high straight pull loads and wire rope is used for applications requiring flexibility, around pulleys, for example. Solid Piano Wire is also used for certain Push Pull applications. Stainless steel wire is used together with galvanised wire as appropriate.

For development work we can also supply the control cable components for onsite fitting. This may be sufficient for the job or act as a pattern for Venhill to subsequently factory make.

Cable control levers

To complement our control cables we stock a wide range of Cable Controls. These include Control Cable Levers, Deadman levers, Throttle levers and Choke levers. The control cable levers are available as mechanical, lock on levers or lock off levers. In addition, electrical switches can also be fitted to provide an electrical interlock. Switches are available as normally on and normally off. Controls can be supplied with the levers as a sub-assembly for ease of fitting on the production line.

Mobility cables

Mobility equipment comes in many shapes and forms. We supply control cables to a number of manufacturers, working closely with them to provide initial solutions and on-going production quantities. Mobility solutions can often be bespoke so production volumes vary from one off to many thousands. Find out more here

Lawn mower cables

Lawn mowers and lawn care equipment, throttle cables and controls can be made for many of the major brands including; Mountfield, Atco, Husqvarna, Honda, Efco, Hayter, McCulloch and John Deere. For the older models it can be difficult to get the spare parts. Just send in the old cable and we will make up a super smooth new cable. If you’re in the lawn care business we can keep details of your regularly used cables and supply them as required.
You can find our current range of lawncare cables here.

Automotive Cables

Venhill supply a number of specialist automotive companies with control cables for a variety of application, including: throttle cables, clutch cables, hand brake cables, gear change cables, seat cables, pedal box cables, steering column cables, bonnet release cables, fuel cut off cables. See more here

Walk-behind equipment cables

Cables are made for a variety of walk behind applications. These include Sweepers, Vacuum Sweeper, Wheeled rubbish bins, Spreaders, Strimmers, Levellers etc. Our stock of control levers will also match most applications. Read more here

Seat cables

In a variety of applications, seat adjustment cables are required for forward and aft adjustment, height adjustment and lumber support. We supply seat cables for the aircraft industry, automotive industry and special military applications.

Gym equipment cables

Many pieces of gym equipment are linked with steel cables. These can be made up for production lines and service replacements

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