Mobility Cables

Mobility equipment comes in many shapes and forms. We supply control cables to a number of manufacturers, working closely with them to provide initial solutions and on-going production quantities. Mobility solutions can often be bespoke so production volumes vary from one-off to many thousands.

Stair lift cables

Domestic and commercial stair lift applications require dependable efficient controls to operate and often, fold away elements of the chair. Our PTFE lined cables have a proven track record in these applications, providing a reliable fit and forget solution.

Wheelchair cables and Wheelchair Levers

Wheelchair applications are many and varied. Venhill are able to work with the manufactures and those using and repairing the wheelchairs. Sourcing spares can often be a problem. It is not unusual to supply cables and levers for these applications. Levers with built in mechanical locks are often specified.

Mobility scooters

In addition to our stock of mechanical levers we also supply electrical throttle controls for motorised applications. Mechanical brake levers and brake cables can be supplied together with hydraulic brake systems, ideal for such applications.

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Line Builder
Our Line Builder tool allows for quick and easy creation of bespoke hydraulic lines. Using our Powerhose Plus brake line system, designed to cut out the hassle and uncertainty associated with DIY self-assembly hoses.
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