Walk-behind equipment cables

Venhill cables are made for a variety of walk behind applications. These include Sweepers, Vacuum Sweeper, Wheeled rubbish bins, Spreaders, Strimmers, Levellers etc. Our stock of control levers will also match most applications.

Motor-driven machines, guided by an operator walking behind, are popular in a wide variety of roles, both domestic and commercial.

Whether it’s a lawn-mower, barrow, trolley, roller or rotavator, walk-behind machines are generally used outdoors in all-weathers, so control cables will frequently corrode, in addition to stretching and/or fraying caused by repeated use.

Venhill use the highest quality materials to produce replacement control cables, offering durability and smooth efficient operation. The cable conduit is typically lined using PTFE for super smooth operation - its high melting point is ideal for hot environments. This avoids stiction often experienced with standard control cables. Inner wire will be selected according to the application. Wire Strand is used for high straight pull loads and wire rope is used for applications requiring flexibility, around pulleys, for example. Solid Piano Wire is also used for certain Push Pull applications. Stainless steel wire is used together with galvanised wire as appropriate.

A wide range of levers are also available from Venhill – click HERE for details.

Don’t just replace a worn out cable – upgrade it with a British-made cable from Venhill.

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