Fast-Action Throttle for Yamaha R1

Developed with the Seton Tuning endurance race team, and designed with track riders in mind, the 888 offers a choice of 'fast' and 'standard' action settings, so racers can select the throttle action that best suits the track and riding conditions, or their riding style.

The Fast-Action Throttle is supplied with two rotors; the fastest setting gives 80° of rotation, which is typically 45% faster than 'standard' throttles, while the standard setting provides 90° of rotation, around 25% faster than the R1’s original twistgrip. Settings can be changed quickly and easily - simply undo two hex socket bolts securing the throttle body and change the rotor inside. It also enables the throttle cable to be changed without having to remove the throttle housing from the bar - saving valuable time during pit stops and between track sessions.

Made in the UK, with a cast alloy body and durable nylon throttle tubes and rotor, the Venhill 888 is supplied as a kit - tailored to fit the 2015-2019 R1 perfectly - and comes with matching Venhill Featherlight throttle cables. Venhill Featherlight Throttle Cables use marine-grade stainless steel inner wire for minimum stretch, and a low-friction 'teflon' liner, for a smoother action, without the need for lubrication. The cables are also ‘Bird-caged', making the inner wire’s bond with the nipple much stronger, so cables can withstand being put under repeated stress and pressure - essential when riding hard on track.

Venhill 888 Fast-Action Throttle kit

As the UK’s biggest manufacturer of after-market motorcycle cables and hoses, naturally Venhill can also supply Featherlight Clutch Cables and Race Set-up Brake Lines for the R1.