Cable and Hose Upgrades for Suzuki GSX-R range

A simple and inexpensive upgrade, Venhill’s high performance stainless steel braided Brake Hoses and Featherlight Cables improve braking performance, lighten up the clutch and fine-tune throttle operation - shaving years off the feel of older machines.

Experts in motorcycle controls since 1970, Venhill have developed a complete package for Suzuki’s long-running sports bike family - front and rear brake hose kits, clutch and throttle cables, as well as choke cables for certain models. Made in Venhill’s UK factory and designed to replace the OE set-up without the need for any modifications, each hose features a heat-resistant PTFE ‘teflon’ core, with a consistent internal diameter and smooth bore for more efficient fluid flow and increased braking force. They exceed DOT and TUV standards, and each one is pressure-tested to 1500psi before leaving the factory. Venhill’s Featherlight

Cable kits are also made in the UK and will improve feel, control and reliability. Designed as a straight swap with the OE items, they feature marine-grade stainless steel inner wire for minimum stretch, a low-friction PTFE 'teflon' liner for a smoother action, and are ‘bird-caged' for strength. Kits are currently available for the following models and years:

  • GSX-R 600 (SRAD) 1997-2019
  • GSX-R 750 W (WaterCooled) 1992-1995
  • GSX-R 750 (SRAD) 1996-2019
  • GSX-R 1000 2001-2018

Venhill also offer a complete brake line race set-up for track bikes.