Venhill controls for 2019 MX bikes

British motorcycle control specialists, Venhill, have added the latest generation motocross machines to their extensive cable and hose fitment range, including the current Kawasaki KX250F & 450F and the Yamaha YZ250F & 450F.

Developed for well-established race teams - including Bike IT Dixon Kawasaki in MXGP and Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross championship - Venhill cables and hoses offer increased performance, feel and a lighter action, plus improved durability compared to factory-fitted items; ideal for riders looking to fine tune their set-up.

Venhill offer a complete package - front & rear brake lines, as well as cables for clutch and throttle - all made in the UK and all available in a range of colours, in addition to standard braided steel and black.

Venhill Powerhose Plus hoses feature a teflon core for more efficient fluid flow and high heat resistance. A marine grade stainless steel braid is wrapped around the core, to prevent further pressure expansion, and protect the core against stones, debris, and accident damage. 

The Clutch Cables are a direct swap for the OE versions, and feature high quality cabling with stretch-resistant corded inner wire, and a teflon liner for minimum friction and lighter action - they don’t need to be lubricated either, a real plus in off-road sport. 

Venhill's off-road Throttle cables feature a flexible marine-grade stainless steel inner wire for maximum flexibility, and are also teflon-lined for minimum friction and a lighter action. Like the clutch cables, they don’t need lubrication. 

Single cable conversions, including a Venhill 600A dual rate twistgrip.

use the Venhill Part Finder to search for your make & model of motorcycle.