Tips for Buying Handlebar Grips for Motorcycles

Balance and steering are two fundamental aspects of riding a motorcycle. Anything that improves these elements should always be given attention.

Surprisingly though, many riders ignore the role handlebar grips play in this. Grips can help provide riders with better stability and control when steering and balancing on the bike. This makes them a top priority for motorcycle owners to keep an eye on.

If you think it’s time you replaced your handlebar grips, shop our online store or read on below to learn about things to consider when buying handlebar grips.

Importance of Good Handlebar Grips

Firstly, its worth highlighting the importance of good handlebar grips. Old or damaged grips may affect the way you ride, without you even realising it.

Grips attached to the handlebar allow riders to better steer and control the motorcycle. This is pivotal for anyone riding a motorcycle.

Having bad grip is not only uncomfortable, but highly dangerous. If you loose grip or don’t feel comfortable, it could lead to accidents in all aspects of riding, from dirt bike racing to road riding.

If you find your grip slipping or you frequently get hand cramps when riding, it is definitely worth looking into new handlebar grips.

Things to Consider

  • Cost

Handlebar grips vary in price, depending on a multitude of factors. From material, shape, functionality and purpose, there are different options based on preferences.

Here at Venhill, our grips range from £3.13 to £22.36 (including Tax).

Our grips are designed to give riders a comfortable and reliable grip at all times. Our range includes grips designed for different preferences and purposes, so simply get in touch with our friendly team if you need help in choosing the best one for your needs.

  • Performance

When choosing a motorcycle grip, it’s important you remember functionality beats style. Some grips focus more on trendy patterns, colours and designs as opposed to reliable, functioning grips.

Due to grips being so integral to the steering, balance and control of a motorcycle, having grips that meet your performance needs is vital.

This is particularly important for anyone wanting to race, whereby milliseconds could be all the difference between winning and losing. Having trusted grips in these scenarios goes without saying.

  • Purpose

Different grips will lend themselves better depending on factors such as the type of bike you have what you use it for.

You’ll also find not all handlebar grips are universal, so you must make sure you find one that can fit on your bike.

For example, if you enjoy dirt bike racing, the best grip for this is going to differ from someone who wants to ride around Europe on a Harley Davidson. The way these 2 types of bikes ride and operate will impact the type of grip required. Big heavy bikes are likely to require more cushioning due to the vibrations, whereas a dirt bike racer may want to feel every subtle bump to react quickly to the conditions.

For the everyday motorcycle owner, you may find having a selection of grips is useful for different scenarios or conditions. You may find in colder months or when its raining, you actually prefer the feel and comfort of a different grip.

  • Personal Preference

At the end of the day, personal preference is likely to dictate what your favourite type of grip is. You’ll find positive reviews for all sorts of handlebar grips so many of the final buying decisions come down to personal preferences.

Some grips are an even width the whole length, while others may bulge in the middle to reflect the shape of the palm.

Some people prefer thick grips while others prefer thinner grips. Those with smaller hands may find a thinner grip is more comfortable, whilst those with bigger hands may find a thicker grip is more comfortable. The length of riding may also impact your overall preferences. If you’re gripping a handlebar for hours, compared to a few minutes, this impact what type of grip you’d prefer.

As always, if you want to understand the subtle differences between certain grips, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Venhill.

Handlebar Grip Maintenance

Dirt, dust, water and all sorts can get trapped and stuck within the grips, causing general wear and tear over time. Regularly cleaning handlebar grips, along with the rest of your motorcycle, is a must to keep everything functioning to the highest standard.

Moisture is a particular enemy of product longevity so taking the time to dry in all the nooks and crannies, will help prevent further damage or premature wear.

Over time, you may find you need to replace these grips to maintain optimal performance, but good maintenance should mean they last much longer.

Fitting a Handlebar Grip

Before fitting a new handlebar grip, you’ll want to remove the old one and give the handlebar a good clean. Make sure there is no dirt or moisture on the handlebar before attaching the new one.

Depending on the bike model, fitting the grip will vary from simply sliding it on, to potentially unscrewing other parts to gain better access.

The grip should feel comfortable and stable.

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For optimal control and steering of your bike, don’t neglect handlebar grips.

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