motorcycle fittings

Here at Venhill, we are passionate about optimising the performance of your motorcycle and prolonging the lifespan of all its parts. With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing cables and hoses in the UK, our ultimate goal is to ensure all our products perform better, for longer, so that you can enjoy a smooth ride, without any unnecessary worries.

Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to highlight an array of motorcycle fittings and components to help you understand more about what they do and how to find the right parts to suit your specific requirements.

Motorbike Cable Fittings and Components

Lock Nuts

When riding a bike, be it on or off road, the vibrations and torque will put your fittings under strain. It is therefore vital that the quality of the lock nuts is high to prevent them from loosening to keep your fittings secure. Our online range includes a huge variety including metric and imperial lock nuts allowing you to find the most suitable ones for your requirements.


Cable adjusters allow you to adjust the tension and relieve the slack of levers, throttles and other general cables on your bike. Given the vast array of motorcycle models and custom builds out there, adjusters are the answer to offering a precision set up for your bike.

Sleeving and Protection

Control cable protection and sleeving helps to maintain your cables and prolong their lifespan. Depending on the cable they protect, the sleeving can be flexible or rigid and can also be available in many different sizes and colours. This gives you a great deal of choice to suit the desired aesthetics of your bike.

Ferrules-Caps and Bends

Used to tidy-up the ends of cables, here at Venhill we have a full range of ferrules available. Our stock includes both threaded, unthreaded and throttle ferrule-bends and caps that range in size from 5mm to 9mm.


These small nuts are used to secure control and brake cables. From soldered, to solderless, loose to slotted, there are countless options and you may find a nipple kit a worthwhile purchase. At Venhill, our kit contains 18 of the most popular cable nipples in current use. Alternatively, if you’re unsure what you need a member of our friendly team will be happy to help. Just get in touch with us via the contact page.

Inner Wire

When choosing inner cable wires, it’s worth considering whether the wire can be soldered or whether it requires a special flux. The distinction between wire ‘strand’ and ‘rope’ is also important to ensure you use the right wire for your needs. Wire “strand’ gives maximum strength with minimum stretch, whereas wire “rope’”gives strength but with maximum flexibility.


Clevises are used to attach to wire and threaded rods. Each U-shaped metal piece has holes at the end of the two prongs for a supporting pin and some will have a handy quick release feature.


Otherwise known as outer cables, you’ll find a choice of low-friction liners for your conduit such as Nylon or Teflon, the latter being especially known for its super-smooth operation. You can also choose from braided and longitudinal conduits. Braided are known to withstand great pressure and tend to maintain high performance over a long period. Longitudinal can help minimise the compression of the conduit, which can be a benefit for heavy loads, but have reduced flexibility due to the steel rods that run the length of the conduit. It’s worth thinking carefully about what you need.

Junction Box

Cable junction boxes are usually plastic enclosures that house the wiring connections on your motorcycle. Whether it’s one into two, one into three or different strokes that you require, here at Venhill we have a junction box for you.


There exists an almost endless world of components and fittings that make up the incredible feat of engineering of your motorbike. As well as the above, you may need to source replacement, boots, dust caps, ball joints and more for your cable needs. Ultimately, the key to success is knowing your bike and not hesitating to ask an expert on anything you might want clarifying.

Fittings and Components Kits

If you find you need more than just an individual fitting or perhaps you enjoy the reassurance of a well-stocked tool-box, a workshop kit could be the answer. At Venhill, our comprehensive range of kits includes throttle cable kits, clutch cable kits or specific components (ferrule, nipple, roadside repair) and more.

When you delve into the world of motorcycle fittings and components it’s easy, particularly for a novice, to feel a little overwhelmed. Speaking to an expert for anything you are unsure of is essential in ensuring you get the right parts for your bikes.

As a leading manufacturer and specialist in control cables and hydraulics, at Venhill, we’re always happy to help. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of each and every one of our products and you can be rest assured that safety and reliability are at the forefront of our all our work. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right fittings and components for your every need, be it for a modern, classic or vintage motorbike, or a quad, car, kart or something else.

We can even manufacture custom brake and clutch lines to suit your specification if you’re building a custom ride. Check out our custom line builder on our page. Alternatively, to find out more about any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.