Best Tyre Pressure Gauges for Motorbikes

Checking tyre pressure is something every rider should get into the habit of doing frequently. It doesn’t take long; it doesn’t require expensive equipment; and it helps to improve your safety whilst riding.

Our recent article on how to use a tyre pressure gauge also highlighted that having correctly inflated tyres helps to improve the tread life and overall performance of a motorbike. For racing, this is incredibly important and can be the difference between winning and losing. For riding long distances, the result of not inflating tyres correctly can impact the handling of the bike, as well as the fuel efficiency.

Below, we take a look at what to look for in a tyre pressure gauge and the best ones to buy for motorbikes.

What to Look for in a Tyre Pressure Gauge

Digital Vs Analogue

One of the first decisions you’ll be faced with when searching for the best tyre pressure gauges is whether you opt for digital or analogue.

Here at Venhill, we tend to recommend analogue gauges for motorcyclists. This is because they don’t require batteries so are therefore more reliable. It would of course be Sod’s Law that the one time you really need the gauge the batteries die. Having to remember to pack spare batteries becomes a more arduous task than simply having a gauge that doesn’t need them in the first place.

Analogue gauges are also likely to be much cheaper.

Easy to Read

You want a dial that is easy to read. This ensures you interpret the PSI correctly and can adjust the tyre pressure accordingly.

This is why we opt for a large dial, making it crystal clear what the reading is.

Our gauges here at Venhill are also housed in a rubber case for protection against drops and general wear and tear.

360 Rotation

One of the reasons the Venhill VT32 received such high praise in the RiDE test was the simple but effective use of a 360 degree rotation, allowing for incredible flexibility in attaching the gauge to the valve.

These sorts of features are really useful for being able to use the gauge quickly and effectively.

Tips for Buying a Pressure Gauge

The best tyre pressure gauge is one that is practical and easy to use. It doesn’t matter how accurate it is, if it takes forever to set up, it’s not going to motivate you to check your tyres in the morning.

Therefore, ease of use and efficiency lie at the heart of popular gauges for motorbikes. Having a flexible stainless steel hose, for example, illustrates a highly desirable feature that makes for a much easier process of checking tyre pressure.

It is also recommended to ensure you know what tyre pressure your tyres should be at. Incorrectly inflating the tyres is dangerous. Refer to the manufacturer recommendations. You are looking for the PSI range. This is particularly useful for certain weather conditions, such as rain or snow. You may be tempted to deflate the tyres slightly on a hunch but it’s always best to check with the manufacturer recommendations before making such changes. There may be specific PSI recommendations for certain temperatures or weather conditions.  

Benefits of Tyre Pressure Gauges

Tyre pressure gauges help to ensure you ride at peak performance because they:

  • Improve braking – Braking is vastly improved when tyres are correctly inflated. Deflated tyres result in poor braking performance. From racing to everyday riding, having reliable braking is a fundamental requirement of a motorbike and worth prioritising. This is why checking tyres in the morning can be worth its weight in gold.
  • Improve handling – Tyre pressure will likely impact the handling of a bike. Correct PSI will result in a smooth journey and feel very comfortable to ride. Deflated tyres can lead to a bumpy ride as well as surprises in handling. Needless to say, no one wants any surprises when they are riding, so doing everything you can to ensure the bike operates as expected is certainly worthwhile.
  • Improve overall safety – Due to tyre pressure impacting braking and handling, the overall safety of the ride can be compromised if tyres aren’t sufficiently inflated, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Improve fuel economy – Poorly inflated tyres aren’t as efficient, which means your fuel consumption isn’t as efficient. Simply put, this means you spend more on fuel. Over time, this can add up and a simple investment in a tyre pressure gauge could ultimately save you money.

Tyre Pressure Gauges at Venhill

If you’re looking for the best tyre pressure gauges for motorbikes, look no further. Here at Venhill, our gauges have been highly credited for an accurate yet affordable solution, with RiDE magazine recently featuring Venhill’s VT32 in their review of the best gauges on the market. The VT32 won for accuracy and ease of use.

The Venhill VT32 was described by RiDE as "a superb price for an accurate, well-made gauge." (RiDE, March 2018). During the testing it ticked all the boxes, scoring highly for accuracy and ease of use, thanks to its rotating head and bleed valve. 

Equally, our Venhill VT37 also offers impressive features, including pressure range: 0-15 psi (0-1 kg/cmsq). It boasts a 2" diameter dial gauge with rubber protection and the low-pressure range is suitable for trials and speedway racing. Learn more about this nifty piece of gear here.

For help choosing the right gauge or to learn more about getting the most out of your motorbike, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team here at Venhill. We have a wide selection of motorbike cables and tools to optimize the running and performance of any motorbike.

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