Are Braided Brake Lines Worth It? Everything You Need to Know

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to improve performance on a car, motorbike, quadbike or pretty much any other motorised vehicle – a product that often pops up in conversation are braided brake lines.

But what exactly are braided brake lines and what are the benefits of using this type of brake line?

This article delves into everything you need to know about them and whether they are right for you.

What are Braided Brake Lines?

Braided stainless steel brake lines (available from us here at Venhill) provide strength and flexibility for better performance. The inherent nature of braided brake lines means they offer an effective and durable solution that can fit into a hydraulic brake system.

When looking to buy brake lines, braided brake lines would most often be compared against the standard rubber lines. Braided brake lines are made up of an inner hose (made from Teflon) wrapped in stainless steel braiding. This is often then wrapped in a plastic coating (available in lots of colours) to offer a final level of protection.  

Brake lines play an integral role within a hydraulic brake system. They carry the fluid and need to do this quickly and reliably – otherwise, braking performance could be impaired or even fail. The ability for braided brake lines to combat expansion inside the hose means the efficiency and reliability of the overall brake system is improved.

Benefits of Braided Brake Lines

People often think about upgrading parts like pads when it comes to breaking efficiency, but cables and hoses are the backbone to any braking system in a vehicle. They are also relatively cheap compared to other parts you’ll find on a motorbike or car, making brake line upgrades an obvious choice for those wanting better braking capabilities.

The main benefit of braided brake lines is that they help improve performance by reducing the issue of swelling, most commonly associated with the standard rubber brake lines. Over time and extensive use, rubber lines can swell under the pressure caused by applying the brakes. Rubber as a material is durable but will eventually weaken due to this constant expansion. This means the rubber is basically stretching over time and consequently losing its ability to do its job efficiently. This can feel like the brakes are “soft” and don’t respond as quickly or sharply.

Braided stainless steel brake lines can withstand the pressure associated with the brake system and don’t swell. As a result, their lifespan is much longer. This means they can maintain high performance over a long period.

When brakes are applied, it feels firm and responsive. Regardless of whether you are racing or just using a vehicle for everyday purposes, having brakes that feel in more control is a great benefit.

The consistency of braided brake lines also means for those competing or racing, having brake systems that are reliable and meet expectations every time is a huge benefit. This also means peace of mind whatever the weather and conditions. Worrying about rubber expanding due to heat or overuse isn’t ideal before a big race or journey. Braided brake lines can withstand extensive use and will still deliver a high performance.

Particularly for those who are racing and need optimal performance on a track, braided stainless steel brake lines are without question, a worthwhile investment. Delivering high brake performance means more control and most likely, faster times. Having brakes that slowly weaken and become less efficient makes it much harder to effectively brake for corners or obstacles. For hobbyists and everyday drivers/riders, who may not need to squeeze every millisecond out of their bike or car for performance, are still likely to benefit from the enhanced brake system that means the brakes operate to a much higher standard, providing quick braking power.

Braided stainless steel is also less likely to get a puncher like rubber hoses.

Shop Braided Brake Lines at Venhill

Here at Venhill, we specialise in cables and brake lines that offer superior performance. We have a range of motorcycle cables and braided stainless steel lines so you can be sure to find one most suitable for your needs. Every Venhill hose is built to meet or exceed DOT and TUV requirements.

Our road brake lines use a DuPont Teflon hose for even better heat resistance.

We offer a range of braided Stainless-steel cable kits for clutch and throttles. Our range of Stainless-steel cable kits include both single and twin braided kits. We also have special kits for Harley Davidsons.

For bespoke and custom-made cables and lines, we also have our very own Line Builder – perfect for those wanting to craft a cable or brake line to their unique circumstances. Our online Line Builder tool helps you create your own line in seconds. These come with marine grade stainless steel braiding, 11 colours to choose from, and pressure tested for peace of mind.

Similarly, our friendly team are always on hand to help and offer suggestions and tips for getting the most out of any of our products. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, our team can listen to your requirements and help you find the products or resources needed, whether that’s braided brake lines or not.

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