Best Motorcycle Gifts for People Who Love Their Bikes

It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. However, if you’re buying for a biker, the good news is that there are plenty of great options to choose from, whether your budget is £5 or £500.

Technology and innovative gadgetry have become established in all aspects of biker accessories from communication systems to clothing.

So, here are a range of gadgets that make for great biker gifts. 

Motorcycle Communication Systems   

When bikers are on the road with a group of fellow riders, it's very useful to be able to stay in touch. In the past, they would have relied on hand signals to communicate, but now bikers can stay in touch with all the members of their group with a motorcycle intercom system.

The top priorities when buying a communication system is the unit’s interface and compatibility. On the interface side, a communications system should be simple and functional with riders able to comfortably control them with thick riding gloves on.

A second important consideration is compatibility, including whether a particular comms system performs well with other brands or models in a given brand’s line-up. This is especially important if other riders in a group already have systems installed, and the same system is now either unavailable or unaffordable. Ideally, riders in a group will all be using the same exact device, but that isn't always the case. Fortunately, many of the comm systems are sold in sets of two or more, meaning that the rider can stay in touch with at least one other rider.

Another consideration is the maximum number of devices that can be connected at once and the working distance. If a group ride in tight formation, this isn’t a problem, but if they tend to spread out over long stretches it might be wise to spend the extra cash on a system that can work over greater distances.

It is also important to ensure that a particular model will fit into your biker’s helmet. Most wiring layouts can squeeze into any helmet on the market, but there can be problems especially with helmets with intractable cheeks.

Finally, you'll want to consider weatherproofing, and this is something that warrants real attention if your biker regularly rides in inclement weather or in very dusty areas.

Satellite Navigation

Sat Navs allow bikers to discover the most interesting and exhilarating routes to liven up their journeys. Clever features include a chance to choose between ‘Windy Roads’, ‘Hilly Roads’ and ‘Roundtrip Planning’. Sat Navs such as the TomTom RIDER 450 or 550 World include biker meeting points, restaurants and hotels. Some Sat Navs come equipped with lifetime world maps, while many provide live traffic and speed camera alerts which helps keep bikers moving. The Sat Nav is fast becoming an essential piece of kit for the biker.

Motorcycle Tracker

For those worried about theft, the motorcycle tracker is a little device with a unique, auto-arming GPS tracking system that calls your phone if the motorcycle is moved or broken.

It works through a paired key that can be attached to bike keys or simply left in a jacket pocket, and when near the bike it turns off the GPS tracker. If the attached motorcycle moves without a paired key nearby, the tracker calls the bike owner’s phone within one minute of movement and the GPS location co-ordinates are sent to their phone.

It is very quick and easy to set-up, comes with no installation costs and doesn't affect the motorcycle’s warranty. This device is worth its weight in gold since it can save your loved one a lot of heartache should their beloved bike be stolen.

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Maybe the biker in your life would like to record every moment of a weekend adventure or alternatively keep themselves covered if an accident occurs during the daily commute. The motorcycle helmet camera is a perfect gift for both the adrenaline junkie and cautious motorcyclist.

Features across models include wind noise reduction, voice feedback and prompts, which allows for instant device updates, a 125° field of view and spherical adjustment, providing 360° lens rotation and 25° camera tilt to capture a wide variety of shots. An app available with some models allows users to preview shots on their smartphone in order to ensure perfect camera setup and download content straight to a smartphone. Other models have a rotating lens and small build designed to move with the body, a supercharged battery life and waterproofing to keep the camera going throughout the year.

Heated Biker Clothing

A growing number of motorcycle clothing manufacturers are taking up the challenge of keeping bikers warm on the winter roads. With cutting edge textiles and synthetic insulation you can get some solid warmth, however, to take things to the next level there are also a number of wired and battery powered solutions that actively heat clothing.

Heated gloves with today’s modern technology and advanced battery design are the perfect way to keep your hands toasty. Gloves come with a battery connector and controller with different settings.

Two other heated items of biker clothing are shirts and boots. The heated shirt is a comfortable base layer with heating elements along the upper back and upper chest. There is also the heated vest which can make winter biking a much more comfortable experience.

Heated inner boot soles are another fantastic heating solution for chilly conditions. Models come with a thermal heating system which keep toes toasty in all winter conditions. The insole inserts can be simply cut to the size of the inside of the boots, inserted and connected directly to a 12V vehicle battery or power pack. These heated insoles are a great present for any winter rider.

Biking Experiences

A different kind of gift that can be an absolute winner with bikers is to give them a packaged biking experience. This could be a motorbike track day that give bikers a chance to ride their own machine around some of the most exhilarating circuits in the UK. These experiences last all day and provide plenty of track time to perfect the biker’s riding style.

Alternatively, there are off-road experiences which are even available for children. On these day packages, adults can enjoy a full day motorcycle trials course and tuition is provided by qualified instructors. Meanwhile, youngsters can learn some trial skills riding on special OSET electric training bikes with the instructors looking after them.

There are many other experiences available for bikers, including tickets to watch top level Superbike racing or longer experiences across Europe.

Venhill Gifts

As well as the gifts above, sometimes the best gifts are the practical ones that will definitely get used. Browse our online shop here at Venhill, for anything from cables and hoses to bolts and tools, we’re here to help riders get more out of their bikes.