Motorbike Equipment – Complete Checklist for Motorbike Owners

Whether you’re a beginner or a long-standing member of the motorbike world, there’s a whole host of biking equipment to get that will keep the thrill of owning and riding a motorbike alive.

From safety, to adventure, to aesthetics, we’re here with our top products to complete the ultimate equipment checklist for any motorbike owner.


Considered the most vital aspect of motorbike safety and a legal requirement - rightly so - rest assured that whatever your style (or lack of!) and helmet needs, there’ll be one out there for you. What’s more, choosing the right helmet not only reduces your risk of serious injury should an accident happen, it also has a huge part to play in the enjoyment of riding.

The choice is simply endless. A full-face helmet, for example, will protect your whole face from soaring winds, extreme temperatures, road dirt, bugs and general critters, allowing you to enjoy the thrills and spills of an exhilarating ride with the greatest level of protection. In comparison, an open face helmet offers less face and chin protection but does allow for a greater awareness of movements and noise around you and leaves you with fewer blind spots.

Consider your needs carefully and of course, you don’t need us to tell you when it comes to safety, a helmet is simply not worth scrimping on.

So, check the fit, the quality and the safety standards above the colour and style before making any helmet purchase.

Leathers and Boots

The right leathers are pretty impressive if you ask us. Not only do these hefty pieces of clothing have the ability to keep you cool when it’s hot and vice versa, but more importantly they have the potential to save lives in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Whatever your budget, the range of protective motorbike gear, including leathers and boots will leave you with endless choice. Try not to be overwhelmed by the choice and don’t let it tempt you into making an impulse purchase though. Instead invest some time in researching the quality of products so that you can base your purchase first and foremost on safety. This includes getting the perfect fit, ensuring for example, that the sleeves are long enough for your arms and your jacket has integrated protectors usually found on the back, chest and arms. Again, there are European safety standards that motorbike leathers should meet, so make sure yours do. Plus, caring for your leathers can prolong their lifespan and keep them looking fresh for longer, which brings us onto our next range of equipment for our checklist – cleaning products.

Cleaning Products

When it comes to leathers, moisturising is key. Without regular cleaning and moisturising, the leather can dry out and weaken stitching and seems. So, invest in a quality care kit and reap the savings in the long-term by not having to fork out for a new set of leathers every few years.

Then comes cleaning bike itself. Believe us, this doesn’t have to be a chore and providing you have the right products, many motorbike owners get real buzz from sprucing up their well-loved bike with a big clean. Not only is it great for the appearance and achieving the ultimate shine, it helps to maintain paintwork and prolong the lifespan of vital components. Make sure the products you buy are specifically designed for motorcycles as cheaper cleaning products can contain harsh chemicals not suited to your bike’s paintwork.

Braided Brake Lines

Older bikes will likely use traditional rubber brake lines, which inevitably suffer wear and tear in time and need replacing. Decent braided steel brake lines, in comparison, should last the lifetime of the bike, as they eliminate expansion and water absorption. For some, swapping rubber brake lines for traditional silver lines or a choice of colours is a common cosmetic modification. You can find out more about Venhill’s huge range of braided brake cables and colour options here. Look out for our range that come with a PVC coating that protects your bike’s paintwork from the braid rubbing it away. Venhill’s ‘Powerhose Plus’ lines, which have the swivel-nut fastenings are all coated, though we also offer uncoated line for complete DIY line builds.

Luggage and bungee straps

If adventure is your thing and you have a big trip in the pipeline, then make sure you are prepared to maximise the storage of your bike beyond the under-seat space available. Like most motorbike equipment, with luggage, there is a variety of options and styles you can go for. A top box, for example has the potential to store large amounts of luggage with added protection due to its hard casing but needs to be attached to a rack fitted to your bike. A soft tail bag, tank bag or side case on the other hand may not need extra fittings.

Importantly, check whether your desired luggage option includes all the required fixtures and fittings, some cheaper options may not. Plus, having a few spare bungee straps, particularly on a longer journey for added luggage security is certainly worth it on your kit-list!

Tool Kit

Many retailers sell a variety of tool kits but there is no reason why you can’t build your own to suit your needs. Common items to include in any motorbike tool kit are spare bulbs, flashlights, a swiss army knife, zip ties, duct tape, spanners and a flat tyre kit. It may also be worth including spare clutch and brake levers particularly if you are taking the bike on a longer trip.

Some bike owners take the time to dissemble accessible parts of their bike then put them back together to help establish which tools are needed for the jobs they can fix without immediate need for a mechanic. Here at Venhill, you’ll find a huge range of tools to help you achieve the ultimate tool kit.

Learn More with Venhill

If you’re feeling inspired to get started, or expand your equipment kit bag, then perhaps the team at Venhill can help. Having been in the business for over 50  years, we are passionate about providing you with the highest possible standard of control cables, hydraulic hoses and brake lines for your motorbike. Rest assured, all our products are safety checked and have been designed with the purpose of lasting better for longer to ensure that an investment today is a saving for the future. We now also offer bespoke cable and hose requests using our custom line builder tool.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today to find out more.