Motorcycle Security Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe

Motorcycle theft has been a big problem in the UK for many years. Research suggests that more than £3 million worth of motorbikes are stolen from the streets of the UK every month – and unfortunately there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. They can be stolen in just a few seconds and are much easier to steal than cars, which is why they’re commonly targeted by thieves.

Any rider should therefore take the security of their bike very seriously. In this guide we’ve listed some of the best devices and equipment to use, as well as explained some of our top tips, for helping to keep your bike safe and secure.


It’s advised that you keep your bike in your garage whenever you’re home; out of sight, out of mind. Many thieves are opportunists – meaning they exploit opportunities as they arise rather than plan in advance – so don’t make yourself an easy target.

We also recommend fitting a garage door defender to your garage to make it even harder for thieves to enter. The defender should be fitted to the centre of your garage door and fitted to a solid base.

If you don’t have a garage, the next best option is to purchase a purpose-built motorcycle storage shed. They’re much more robust and offer far more protection than standard garden sheds that are usually only locked with a cheap padlock.

Anchor & Chain

Another vital precaution we recommend is to immobilise your bike so that it can’t be easily ridden away, pushed or lifted into a van. Motorbike anchors, for example, are drilled either into the ground or wall of your garage and provide a solid fixing point for your bike. You can then secure your bike using a sturdy chain.

It’s worth investing in a dedicated motorbike security chain as it can be used not only on your garage anchor, but when you’re out and about too. They enable you to attach your bike to an immovable object, such as a lamp post, preventing thieves from simply picking up your bike and riding away. To minimise the risk of theft, avoid using a chain that is too long and touches the floor as it makes it easier for criminals to attack. Be sure to also put the chain through your bike’s frame as opposed to the front wheel (if you only put the chain through the wheel, a thief could just remove the wheel and walk off with the rest of your bike).


Installing an alarm on your motorcycle is something we strongly recommend. Although it won’t physically stop thieves from picking up your bike, it will act as a deterrent and can sometimes reduce insurance premiums.

Some alarms are more advanced than others so it’s a case of finding one right for your needs and budget. It’s advised that a professional fits your alarm, not only to ensure that it’s working correctly but also because inadequate installation may void your bike’s warranty.

Tracking Devices

Another gadget worth installing on your bike is a GPS motorbike tracking device. It enables you to track your bike’s exact location, meaning that should your bike be stolen, you’ll be able to locate its whereabouts.

Some trackers can also help in jamming a bike, which can be incredibly useful if it’s targeted by a thief. Should an unauthorised person attempt to start your motorcycle, the alarm installed in your bike will cut off the power supply to the engine and therefore jam your bike. It will also notify you – usually by text – if any unusual movement is detected.


When out and about it’s important that you find a suitable place to park your bike. A lot of cities have secure motorcycle parking bays for bikers so try to park in these dedicated areas where possible. They usually include security loops and stands, making it harder to steal.

Remember that the more people around, the better. Thieves want to avoid being noticed, so try to always park your bike in a busy area where there’s likely to be plenty of passers-by. Equally, try to park in well-lit areas.

Get Started with Venhill

We hope this short guide has provided you with some handy tips and ideas to bear in mind when it comes to the security of your motorcycle. There is no complete foolproof method of protecting your bike, but as discussed, there are plenty of ways you can make your bike a less attractive option.

Whatever bike you have, be sure to take a look at our range of motorcycle tools on offer here at Venhill. We stock a wide range of motorcycle products and equipment allowing you to get more out of your bike.

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