What is a Motorbike Anchor and Do You Need One?

What is a Motorbike Anchor?

A motorbike anchor is one of the most effective anti-theft devices for motorcycles and scooters. Put simply, it enables your bike to be securely chained to a wall or the ground, thus making it considerably more difficult to steal.

It is a great deterrent and helps to prevent thieves from easily wheeling your bike away or being lifted into a van.

Types of Motorbike Ground Anchors

Bolt down anchors and concrete in anchors are the two main types of motorbike ground anchors.

Bolt Down Motorbike Anchor

Bolt down anchors are more common than their concrete counterparts. They’re relatively easy to install and provide a good level of security. All that is required is for you to drill holes either into the ground or wall and then secure it with bolts and drive-ball bearings into the bolt heads to prevent them from being unscrewed.

Concrete in Motorbike Anchor

Concrete in anchors can take relatively longer to install, requiring you to dig a hole, sink the ground anchor and cover it in concrete. This type of anchor tends to be favoured by those re-laying their drive or laying the foundations for a new shed.

Where is the Best Place to Anchor a Motorbike?

Ideally, you should keep your bike in your garage or shed when not in use. Not only will this minimise the chance of theft, but it also helps to keep your machine clean. Snow, ice and salt can wear on your bike if left outdoors during winter, and dust, dirt and mud can dirty up your bike in the summer, so storing it inside helps to keep it in good condition all-year round.

However, not all riders are able to store their motorcycles inside. So if you can’t keep it in the shed or garage, use a ground anchor outside and purchase a bike cover – out of sight out of mind. We also recommend fitting your bike with an alarmed disk lock for extra security.

How to Secure Your Motorcycle with an Anchor

Here are our top tips for effectively securing your motorcycle with a wall or ground anchor.

Location of Your Anchor

If using a ground anchor, install it close to a wall so that it doesn’t become a trip hazard and is out of your way when moving around the garage. You can also position your bike so that the anchor is in between your bike and the wall, making it harder for thieves to access.

Use a Sturdy Chain

A high-quality, sturdy chain is essential. Cheap, flimsy chains under 10mm can be easily compromised with a set of bolt croppers so we recommend investing in a 16mm or above chain. Angle grinders can still get the better of the sturdier chains, however they make a lot of noise and take a long time, so thieves don’t like using them on bigger chains.

Lock Through the Frame

Be sure to loop your chain through your bike’s frame or swingarm. If you put it through the front or rear wheel, thieves can simply remove the wheel, put on a spare wheel and take your bike. Try to also keep the chain off the ground as much as possible to make it harder for a criminal intending to attack with a sledgehammer.

Do You Need a Motorbike Anchor?

Absolutely! They provide an incredible layer of security and avoid making your bike look like an easy target. Bikes that aren’t locked to something are at a much higher risk of being stolen – it only takes half a minute to shove a bike into the back of a van. And even if you do have locks, thieves can deal with these in their lock-up out of public view.

There are so many different types of anchors out there, so your requirements and budget will largely dictate which is suitable for you. The more expensive anchors are usually made from stronger materials so resist attacks from sledgehammers and angle grinders better, however any anchor is better than none.

Get Started with Venhill

Hopefully this mini guide has provided you with all the information you need to know about motorcycle anchors. They’re not completely foolproof, but they certainly do help to make it harder for criminals to just walk away with your bike.

Whatever bike you have, be sure to take a look at our range of motorcycle tools on offer here at Venhill. We stock a wide range of motorcycle products and equipment, such as clutch cable kits and specialist throttle cables, allowing you to get more out of your bike.

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